KURER - mail client extension that brings usable and ubiquitous secure email,
unbound by organisation or PKI


S/MIME secure email

Supports signing and encryption, using age-old and widely compatible standards

Cross organisation boundaries

DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) to silently auto-resolve certificates.
Let anyone engage in secure mail with everyone

Usable configurability

One-click setup, and as automated as the user wants. Avoids all the config hassles that plague most secure mail clients

Ready to Install KURER?

Please click on the link to the installation page with instructions for Kurer for Outlook and Thunderbird

Install Kurer

Closing the loop: daneportal.net

DANE is the technology that allows Kurer to do its auto cert discovery, and Daneportal.net is THE management platform for DANE certificates.
Learn more and get started by clicking the link below